Knowledge centre

Search and find information
Stap Verder is a place where people can acquire knowledge and information about the Dutch society. The mission of Stap Verder is that inhabitants of Amsterdam Zuidoost develop themselves. This means that people have access to the knowledge that they need to build a decent life. The Netherlands has signed the Declaration of Human Rights. But it is not always easy in practice to get these rights in the Netherlands. This applies to both inhabitants who were born and raised in the Netherlands as well as to newcomers.

Stand-up for your rights
Access to your rights must be granted by other people. And rules and bureaucracy sometimes prevent that access. But also ignorance and lack of knowledge about the many possibilities that Dutch society offers, may hinder people from getting what they are entitled to. Sometimes people have lived for a long time in degrading circumstances and have become accustomed to not being granted rights. This may hamper them to claim their rights.

Improve access to facilities
Stap Verder tries to work on this access in various ways:

  • During the consultation hour we can look at individual situations in discussion with visitors and provide information or search for solutions to problems or injustice.

  • If we see more people during the consultation hours who are faced with the same obstacles to familiarize themselves with information, we can start a dialogue with the authorities and the government to improve the information quality or to initiate information activities.

  • By compiling a social map of Amsterdam Zuidoost, we try to gain insight into the many facilities that are available and to map their accessibility. The consultation co-workers can use this information, but we also try to make this information accessible to visitors themselves. This will be done through a computer program in which people themselves can look for the information they need. This development of this system is will take several years.

  • Where facilities do not exist or are not (yet) sufficient, Stap Verder will set up activities (in principle on a temporary basis). At present these activities are: free Dutch language lessons, obtain a postal address, the possibility to do the laundry, take a shower or cook a meal.