Collaborating partners

Collaboration and a large network are essential to do the work of Stap Verder. That is why we are happy with the good contacts that we have with many organizations, social institutions, churches, funds and people.

The collaboration between the four partners of Stap Verder proofs to be fruitful. Church members of the six churches are supporting the center with advice, action and money.

If necessary we can refer visitors of Stap Verder to 30 formal and informal social institutions in Amsterdam.

We have established contact with 40 of the 130 churches in Amsterdam Zuidoost and the collaborations are still growing. 

Churches and funds from outside Amsterdam feel involved in our work and support Stap Verder financially. We already received several one-off donations and multi-year financial commitments in the first year. However, with this support the future of Stap Verder as a diaconal center is not yet guaranteed.

For the exploitation and for larger sums needed for individual help we invite organizations and churches from outside Amsterdam Zuidoost to commit themselves to our work for a longer period of time.
For more information: Erika Feenstra.