Relationship management 

Wanted: Contact person for churches and parishes on behalf of Stap Verder


A lot of protestant churches and Roman Catholic parishes from the villages around Amsterdam support Stap Verder. A few organisations and companies also support Stap Verder with advice and actions.

  • They gather clothing, toiletries and food supplies for the visitors of Stap Verder.

  • They organise collections and give money to Stap Verder for example twice a year.

  • They pray during their church services and in the mass for the visitors of Stap Verder.

  • They find volunteers for Stap Verder that want to give Dutch lessons, drive to the clothes bank, collect stuff from donators or are financial advisors. 


As relationship manager you are the contact person on behalf of Stap Verder with approximately 50 churches and some organisations and companies in the area.



  1. Together with the coordinator and your colleague relationship manager you will have a gathering twice a year to see which churches and organisations we want to contact and how.

  2. From location or from home you phone and email the involved organisations and parishes with the question if they want to support Stap Verder again this year, either financially or in other donations. 

  3. You offer them that they can take the opportunity to come and visit Stap Verder, for an African meal, an excursion through the Bijlmer, a workshop about teenagers and migration, an evening about intercultural bible study in their church at location or a different programme that can be made to fit customisation.

  4. You email and phone the involved churches if there are special needs for specific visitors of Stap Verder.

  5. You send the churches the prayers for visitors that have been admitted once a month.

  6. You actively search for other organisations, churches and companies that want to support Stap Verder.

  7. You update the contact information in the relationship management system on the computer, which we will teach you how to use.


What do we ask from you?

You are a networker that finds it easy to make contact and you have good written, oral and non-verbal communicative skills. You speak the Dutch language fluently and you think it’s a challenge to bring people into contact with Stap Verder and to involve them in our work.

What does the organisation have to offer you and what makes it worth your while?

A nice and involved team of coordinators, pastors, interns and volunteers, that try to contribute to people their lives in a good way, good agreements, if needed expenses will be paid for, a joint lunch on Wednesday. You will be in contact with people from all sorts of cultures, languages and parts of the world. As volunteer you are eligible for reimbursement of expenses.



More information: Erika Feenstra, coördinator tel. 020-8457566/06-17223372

Apply: You can write your letter of recommendation and CV and send it via email or letter to Erika Feenstra, coordinator, Hoogoord 187A 1102 CJ Amsterdam Zuidoost,