Social consultation

Information and referral

If you are going to live in a new city or a new country, you have to figure out how everything works there. You will have to deal with a different tax system, you do not know the rules when it comes to job search and social benefits. What are your rights and obligations?

In practice, it often does not seem easy to find your way in the multitude of social institutions and informal organizations.

Stap Verder offers information about the many possibilities and impossibilities to find your place in Amsterdam Zuidoost and to gain access to facilities.

Open consultation hour

With questions about living, (foreign) law, education, work, raising of children, income, debts or problems with authorities you can come to our open consultation hour. You do not have to make an appointment, but sometimes you will have to wait.

In a private conversation with a consultation co-worker you can ask for information and discuss what is the best way to get what you need in your particular situation. The co-workers do not always know everything, but they will do their best to search for solutions together with you. If necessary, they can refer you to other organizations who have more knowledge about the problem at hand.

If necessary, they will accompany you until you have found your own way, your goal is achieved, or the possibilities are exhausted.

They do not do so from the perspective of the government or institutions that have to comply with rules and keep citizens to those rules, but only looking at the interests of the inhabitant.


You can ask for strict confidentiality during the interview with the co-worker. The information you share with the co-worker will not be shared with others.


Office hours are at the following times:
Monday 11.00-14.00 hours
Friday 14.00-17.00 hours