Society for African Missions (SMA)

The Society for African Missions works in Stap Verder with two organizations: the Training Center and the Pastoral West Africans Foundation. Coordinator for both organizations is Liesbeth Glas.

The Society for African Missions (SMA) actively searches for contemporary ways of mission by working on justice, starting a dialogue with respect for the unique characters of cultures and supporting people in their battle for better living conditions. The SMA is inspired by the example of Jesus of Nazareth. He after all shows u how being committed to God can take form. 


Missionary work means choosing sides: stand on the side of people who do not count in the current society. Working for this justice is supposed to be every person’s job. That is how the idea grew within the SMA to, beside priests and brothers, give “the ordinary person” a chance to work on that. That is why the centre has become established in 1985.


We are looking for people who want to dedicate four years of their life to being a missionary field worker in West Africa (Ghana, Tanzania, Liberia). The missions take place in small-scaled projects on the basis of solidarity with the disadvantaged and on the basis of reimbursement like money to live and insurances, partly supported by other people’s donations.


The SMA wants to be a place where people can prepare for this contemporary missionary fieldwork. They focus themselves on the preparation in particular on Africa and Africans. And especially the Africans for whom a worthy of a human being life is compromised. The mission of the centre is forming a missionary group op people whom, as part of the group, are employable in third world countries and in the Netherlands.


After coming back the SMA will ask them to imbed the experiences from the fieldwork into working on a more just society in the Netherlands and enlarge missionary consciousness. This will be done by creating a bigger awareness of differences in proportions in the world and a more correct attitude towards Africans in our society.

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Sociëteit voor Afrikaanse Missiën

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