Social consultation medewerker

The Stichting Pastoraal Diaconaal Centrum Bijlmermeer (SPDCB) and the Sociëteit Afrikaanse Missiën (SMA) are looking for diaconal ecumenical centre 'Stap Verder' in Amsterdam Zuidoost for consultation co-workers/volunteers.

Short job description
Help people to develop themselves, this is already possible as volunteer for 1 part of a day per week with training on the job. Familiarize asylum seekers, refugees, new Dutch and established migrants with the Dutch society. Ensure that they do not end up below a minimum standard of living, but that they can make well-informed choices for their lives and become participating citizens. Assist in creating a DIGID, assist in creating a CV, help to apply for jobs, make arrangements to settle payment arrears, fill in forms, translate letters, explain how the health care system and/or the tax system etc. work.

Comprehensive job description
The consultation hours are an important part of our work in Amsterdam Zuidoost. Everyday people come in with questions in all kinds of areas, with problems because they got stuck in the regulations. Many visitors are still in the process of getting settled in the Netherlands. We offer them a warm welcome during the consultation hours. We work together with Doctors of the World and can refer to various fellow organizations and social institutions. Our visitors can be in personal or financial distress or are just looking for information about finding a place to stay, filling in forms, care, the tax system, work, paying bills, settling debts, etc. As consultation co-worker you listen to their question and look how you can find a solution for their problems, you pick up the phone, look for information on the internet etc.
Experienced consultation co-workers will assist and coach you for at least the first three months.

If you are down-to-earth, but involved, have ‘common sense’ and would like to help people by informing them and showing them how things work in the Netherlands, we would like to train you to become a social co-worker.

What kind of knowledge or skills are needed?

  • higher educational/ University working and thinking level

  • good communication skill

  • sense of networking

  • able to work independently

  • to be able to act in a service oriented way but also a directive way

  • prepared to gain experience with intercultural communication

  • a listening attitude

  • confidentiality

  • good computer skills

  • flexibility and inventiveness

  • ability for self-reflection

  • willing to learn

  • be able to receive and give feedback

  • commitment for at least one year

  • good knowledge of the English and Dutch language, if possible also other languages.

What kind of training can we offer?
Intercultural communication, non-violent communication, conversation skills, explanation of the social map, on-the-job training.

What do you get in return?
An internship/volunteer job for at least a year (with a probationary period), good and concerned coaching, interested in your development as a person, an involved board, coordinator and motivated fellow volunteers, challenging and varied work in a multicultural district Zuidoost, training in intercultural communication (in pastorate and diaconate).

What is the added value of this volunteer work?
You are a source of important information for people. That is grateful work. With a bit of humor, we deal with difficult situations that visitors find themselves in. So we have a lot of fun. You gain insight into the lives of people from very different social layers of the population, their situation in life and insight in the problems of social and immigration policy.

Working hours
Depending on your availability:

  • take on half-a-day of consultation weekly or every two weeks on Monday or Friday,

  • if you are available for a whole day or even more days a week, we are even more grateful.


Training takes place in mutual consultation and once a month there is a meeting with all consultation co-workers in the evening, where we also eat together.

How do I qualify?
We will gladly receive your letter of application and curriculum vitae by letter or by email. Together we will look whether Stap Verder is the right place for you and whether you are the right person for us. After this process we will invite you for a ‘tour’ around the office, an introductory meeting with the other consultation co-workers and a meal with some of the volunteers and visitors.

More information: Erika Feenstra, coordinator tel. 020-8457566 / 06-17223372

Applying for a job: Sent your letter of application and curriculum vitae by ordinary mail or by e-mail to Erika Feenstra, coordinator, Hoogoord 187A, 1102 CJ Amsterdam Zuidoost,