Stap Verder

Stap Verder (‘a Step Furher’) is a project in which the Sociëteit Afrikaanse Missiën (SMA) and theStichting Pastoraal Diaconaal Centrum Bijlmermeer (SPDCB) cooperate together. As representatives of various churches we want to contribute to the well-being of the inhabitants of the Amsterdam Zuidoost district. Stap Verder develops activities and projects to assist inhabitants of Zuidoost in taking a next step.

These activities during the next three years will be

1. Dutch language lessons and Language buddies who practice language skills with people in the daily practice of the market, visit to an institution, and so on.

2. A Knowledge Center about access to services:

  • with consultation hours in which visitors can request information during a private conversation with our consultation co-worker and discuss the best way to get what they need. Also problems can be discussed confidentially.

  • with a map with all social organizations that can also be consulted on the internet in the near future and

  • practical help such as a postal address, a place to do the laundry, take a shower, cook a meal.

3. Support for parents and children with education and training.

volwassen studenten

Many inhabitants of Amsterdam Zuidoost have settled there as migrants coming from the rest of the Netherlands or the world. Frisians, Ghanaians, Pakistanis, Poles, Brabanders and Surinamese arrive here in a different kind of society, from village to city, from agricultural society to service providing society, from monoculture to many cultures, from self-sufficiency to a complex welfare state in which the government regulates your life with the corresponding bureaucracy.

In practice, it often proves difficult to find your way in a new country, let alone in the multitude of social institutions and informal organizations that we have in Amsterdam Zuidoost.

Stap Verder offers information about the many possibilities and the impossibilities to settle here and to acquire access to facilities. And if necessary, Stap Verder assists you until you can find your way yourself, your goal has been reached, or the possibilities are exhausted.

We do not do so from the perspective of the government or institutions that have to comply with rules and keep citizens to those rules, but only looking at the interests of the inhabitant.

Collaboration with new partners possible

Stap Verder offers the possibility for other partners to collaborate. Until 2017, Dokters van de Wereld used office space at Stap Verder and a room for presentations.