Introduction for Volunteers 

Stap Verder is looking for volunteers as:

Hostess / host:

  • opening the door, welcome our visitors, serve coffee and tea, perform the registration for Dutch lessons, explain the clothes bank, explain the use of internet, operate our washing machine, maintain order and do some shopping. At the moment there are volunteers needed for: Monday afternoon, Wednesday the whole day, Friday afternoon, in the near future also for Tuesday and Thursday, Monday morning and Friday morning!

Teacher Dutch language:

  • teaching the Dutch language in a class or on individual basis.

Communication, Social Media and Public Relations:

  • the renewal and updating of the content of the website;

  • tracking of social media: facebook, twitter, linked-in;

  • building, strengthening and staying in touch with the organizations in our network

  • looking for (better) ways of working together, in deliberation with the coordinator

Familiarize asylum seekers, refugees and migrants with the consultation:

  • for the social consultation hours on Monday and Friday co-workers are needed for part of a day or a whole day: if you are down-to-earth and have a good mind, are help-oriented and have a hands-on mentality, if you don’t hesitate to take the phone and start looking for information and see if settlements can be made, than come and meet us. Social workers and pastors are specially welcome!

Relationship management:

  • in deliberation with the coordinator by e-mail, telephone and letter and by means of personal presentations: make churches and organizations enthusiastic to support us with volunteers, second-hand goods, toiletries and food and money.


Why become a volunteer at Stap Verder?

  • What makes Stap Verder unique as location and organization for volunteering, is that you work in an international environment. You meet people who have their roots in different cultures and who come from other continents. They often live in a totally different world compared to yours, which makes it interesting getting to know them.

In Stap Verder you become a member of a kind of family, but then of a very large family whose members sometimes live at home for a while, but then fly out again. You may not see them for years and then suddenly they arrive at the door again. And some visitors come for information once and we never see them again. They just continue their way.

Caring for each other is paramount and wanting others to be of service. Together we try to get a step further in life and help each other in doing so.

For more information contact Erika Feenstra.